Hotels for Romantic Retreats

Every couple needs a romantic retreat now and then. Finding special hotels for such occasions might take some research, but it will be worth the effort.

Whether you have been married for a year or several years, a romantic retreat is something all couples need. In order to have a wonderful time, you will want to do a little research to find hotels for these special times that offer what both of you enjoy. You will of course want the necessities, but you may want some extras as well. For a romantic retreat, room service, a Jacuzzi, and a pool or spa might be some traits of a good hotel for your time away.

Necessities that you might want for romantic retreats are clean rooms, breakfast, and perhaps wireless internet. The first of these is of course a given. Having a clean room is a necessity. You will want to know that the housekeeping did a good job sanitizing and thoroughly making your room look like it has not been lived in. Most people enjoy having a breakfast at hotels. Having a complimentary breakfast will allow you to have a leisurely morning without having to leave the building or even the room. If you are on a romantic retreat then wireless internet may not be a necessity since hopefully you will not be working while there, but you might like to have it to be able to keep in touch with those babysitting your kids or to be able to look for things to do while you are away.

The assets of hotels for a nice romantic retreat might include room service. This is a wonderful asset because it allows you relax and spend time together and enjoy great food right from your room. Having a private Jacuzzi will also add to the romance of your stay. You might also enjoy a pool or a spa. A pool is not so private, but maybe they will offer spa treatments like couple's massages or other treatments that will make your time away enjoyable.

Your romantic retreat might not be far from home, but it will hopefully be a relaxing time to renew your relationship. If you do choose a hotel that is close to home, it would be a wise idea to go and visit the hotel before making a commitment to it. You both may want to go and see the hotels you are considering because your spouse may have different ideas of what they are looking for.

Once you find the right place, make plans for your romantic getaway before you have second thoughts. Your kids will be just fine with a sitter for a few days, and you and your spouse need the time to renew your relationship and enjoy some time away with just the two of you.

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Resume Rules Meant To Be Broken

Have you ever wondered what happens to your resume after a prospective employer receives it? It used to be that someone – a human – would sift through all the resumes, scanning for keywords and relevant experience. In today’s job hunting world, that human has, in many cases, been replaced by a computer. That’s right. The finely crafted resume you worked so hard to make impressive, is casually dismissed by….a software package. The fact that human eyes never actually read your resume or the cover letter you agonized over is simply the reality of the digital era.

So, what’s a job hunter need to do to get noticed? Well, it’s important to let go of old “rules” that will do you a disservice in today’s job hunting world. The first of these is…

“Your resume should be no longer than two pages.”

This is probably the hardest rule to overcome, because it’s been ingrained in our psyches for decades. Yet, distilling your work life history down to two pages or less means you may be leaving out important details that could garner you a coveted interview.

“Dan” had been the Vice President of Corporate Affairs at a large multibillion-dollar manufacturing company with operations in several states. Unfortunately for Dan, a larger company acquired his, and he’s now looking for new employment. He has emailed his resume to several promising opportunities but hasn’t gotten anywhere close to the response he’d been hoping for. And now he’s beginning to think there’s a problem with his less than two-page long resume.

A quick glance at his resume is enough to spot the problem. It looks like an airline itinerary with titles, dates and locations of previous jobs – but scarce information on the increasing value he brought to each position. As he resisted the suggestion that a longer resume might help his job hunting chances, he invoked an all-too familiar lament, “I talked to a headhunter….” Headhunters, who prefer to be called Executive Recruiters, do live in a world where shorter is better in terms of resumes. This is because the recruiter acts as your personal sales force, pitching you to potential employers. A full-blown resume would get in the way of their sales pitch. So, by all means, have a Cliff Notes version of your career available for recruiters, but also have a fully developed resume handy for everyone else.

The second “rule” to break is…

“Just the Facts, Ma’am.”

By all means, your resume should be factual and not fanciful. But sticking to only the dates, locations, titles and tasks of your previous positions won’t sell you as a well-rounded employee. The key to a successful resume is Value. What Value did you bring to each of your jobs? A compelling resume must include this all-important ingredient other wise you won’t stand out among the field of candidates any better than a needle in a haystack. Here are four ways to demonstrate the value you brought to past employers and, more importantly, will bring to a potential new employer.

First Impression:

Most hiring managers will give the first page a quick scan and either decide to read it or discard it. The first page must identify you as a valuable business resource or they’re on to the next resume. Position your responsibilities in terms of Value not tasks.

What They Need versus What You Want:

Have you ever included a “Professional Objective” at the top of your resume? This is all about you and what you hope to find in your next work experience. But hiring managers care a lot more about what they need, not what you want. An easy way to address this is by providing a “Professional Summary,” which highlights exactly what you bring to the table. Determine what makes you valuable and put it first!

It’s Called Capitalism:

Focus on how your hard work has profited your company. What did you do to make or save money, improve customer service, streamline processes, generate or retain customers? Limit the discussion of your daily responsibilities to a sentence or two and focus on your achievements.

Show Me the Money:

Support your professional accomplishments with facts, figures and percentages. This is the surest way to be noticed. For example:

- Generated a 7.9% annual increase in plant productivity not oversaw plant operations

- Managed $1.3 million in key accounts not Account Manager

- Decreased departmental turnover by 79% not good interpersonal skills

By highlighting your value to a prospective employer, you stand a much better chance of being noticed by humans and pre-screening software and considered as a viable candidate. In today’s job market, breaking the rules may be exactly what you need to do to land the job of your dreams!

Copyright © 2008, Pat Faber-Garey.

Pat Faber-Garey brings two decades of workforce transition management to bear in helping business leaders take advantage of change. A published author, Faber-Garey’s 2006 book GREAT JOBS FOR GRADUATES: 90 Days to the Career of a Lifetime, is used as a university textbook. She is a regular speaker and industry source on workforce management and human resource development topics. Extreme Agility, LLChttp://bestdriversupdate.com/
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US Safety Respirators: Keeping Breathing Easy

When it comes to having clean, uncontaminated air, you can depend on many companies to provide you with your needs. However, sometimes you will find that what is simplest is the most affordable and reliable choice for you needs. When you need clean air free of contaminants, you know the importance of having high quality, and you can have affordable with the high quality you need and deserve. US Safety respirators offer you the protection you need at a price you will thoroughly appreciate.

US Safety respirators are the traditional and classic facemask protection used that is lightweight and disposable. These fit securely to the nose with a metal strip that is adjusted to fit snuggly over any nose, and rounds over the mouth and chin. These are affordable and meet the regulatory and policy standards for safety.

What are a few of the benefits you will find when you trust US Safety respirators for your needs?

Affordability – Having an affordable solution for your clean air needs is always a great benefit. These are extremely affordable and you will find buying them in bulk is going to save you the most money. They generally sell in boxes of 20, and are easily stored in the vehicle or office drawer.

Reliable – These are going to be reliable for dusty conditions and protect your lungs from harsh dust ranging from wood to cement. You will find that you can rely on these to minimize the effects of harsh environments.

Durable – While these are disposable, you will also find these are extremely durable and can be used more than once. You will enjoy wearing these until it comes time to replace. Then, you simply dispose of properly.

Easy to Wear – These are easy to wear and extremely secure. All you have to do is place the rubber band like cord around your head over your ears. Super easy to wear and easily removable when the time arises.

Easy to Purchase – Because these US Safety respirators are so popular, you will find they are available just about everywhere. You can purchase these easily, and you will appreciate that when you need them in a pinch.

US Safety respirators has developed a cost effective, reliable, durable, easy to wear, and easy to purchase product that exceeds the expectations of most people.

These gained a lot of notoriety with the SARS scare in the past decade. However, these are for far more than simply protecting against chemicals. You will find these are great for any type of dust, and will offer a protective layer between you and other air born contaminants such as the cold or flu.

While you will find these are affordable, you will get far more in return. You may be surprised at how effective these US Safety respirators are for you and your family. No matter where you work or what conditions you work in, there is something to be said for having clean air. That is why more and more people are turning to the name US Safety respirators. This is a name you know and trust, who could need more?

Max Johnson of The Uniform Connection. Click for more US Safety Respirators - Breathing Masks.http://www.pcerrorfixer.net/dllfiles/
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