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Chip Inductor as known is basically a multi layered and high frequency form. The main features of it are mainly monolithic and a ceramic low loss body. It has the monolithic body with high conductivity metal electrodes. It achieves high performance while catching the high frequency signals. It has also got the following features - lead free, and are tin plated nickel. These are found in the tape and the reel packages.

USES – it is mainly used in automatic assemblies. They provide the maximum guard and protection.


• Transceivers and frequency (radio) identifiers.

• Broadband components.

• Wireless LAN (local area network).

• RF Modules CELL/PCS.

Flyback Transformer as we know are the part of the power supplies in cathode ray tubes. It produces a high voltage, as needed by any plasma lamps or any sort of CRT displays. The generated voltage of the Flyback Transformer ranges between few kilo volts to approximately 50 kilovolts. It switches currents in between 17kHz to 50kHz.


• It transfer as well as store energy

• The wave strengthens initially, and then switched off suddenly. It makes the beam to fly off from right to the left on the main display.


Is application includes the use in the TV sets, cathode ray tube, plasma lamps, and any sort of display that needs a high voltage for the operations.

POTENTIAL TRANSFORMERS also known as the Voltage Transformer. It can be said that these are the type of the instrument transformers that are found to gauge and also to protect safety level in any circuits having the high voltage.


Voltage Transformer has mainly found the major applications in the circuits having voltage more than 600volts.

power inductors has the capacity of storing the energy in magnetic fields which has been created by the electric current that pass through the same. These power inductors are basically the conducting wire which are shaped like the COILS, the loops of which aids in creating the magnetic fields in the coil (using the concept of the ampere’s law).

You can get all these from the manufacturers of the coils, chokes, transformers etc. you can now find out the manufacturer producing both the conventional through type holes as well as the surface mount ones. There was a time, when you had to wait long 12, 16 or even 20 weeks to get your desired product. But, there is GOOD NEWs for you, now you can get the same within just six weeks!! …Or even less than that.

Now the question how will you get to choose for the right one? Well, there are some way outs you would love to know –

• Go through the previous working strategies of the company.

• Get to know how much they give preference to the quality of the products.

• Are they offering you at the competitive rate of the market or charging high?

• Look for their designs and the delivery period.

If you manage to develop a fair idea of the company and the products provided to you, you can go for the manufacturing company and get your work done.

Jeff Turner has been found using the Chip Inductor - http://www.act1.com/Chip-Inductor.html, Flyback Transformer - http://www.act1.com/Flyback-Transformer.html , Voltage Transformer ,and power inductors. He has got sound knowledge of the application wrote the article.
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SuiteWorld 2011: How will software-as-a-service change the IT department?

As businesses introduce software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications to cut IT costs, the cloud could change how the traditional IT department operates by reducing staff numbers. With prices for SaaS products starting at £70 per user per month, it is easy to see how the IT department may find itself left out of some purchasing decisions.

Zach Nelson, CEO of on-demand ERP firm, NetSuite, says SaaS removes people costs for businesses.

"We're getting back to what IT was originally designed as - the strategy arm of the company that applies technology to advance the business. For 20 years, IT has been hijacked by software suppliers to run applications," said Nelson.

He believes IT staff will need to become business process experts and "not about SQL Server updates".

IT shifts its focus to business processes

While Nelson's remark points to IT becoming more business focused, it is hard to see how or why someone with valuable IT skills would want, or even be given the opportunity, to retrain.

But a number of organisations that have implemented SaaS software have reduced their IT staff headcount. Will IT people fully embrace SaaS, given that it may put certain IT jobs at risk?

Manufacturing firm Mountz oversees quality of manufacturing products for customers such as Apple and the US Navy. The company completely eradicated its IT department to cut costs using NetSuite's accounting, OneWorld and CRM systems.

Mountz CEO Brad Mountz says it now employs only one person to provide IT support for the company's hardware, and that takes up only half of their time.

IT remains a key function

While some organisations have reduced headcount as a result of deploying cloud-based applications, others have changed IT roles rather than remove staff.

Shawn Kernes, CTO at online private shopping club company Beyond the Rack, says the IT function changes with cloud computing, and it becomes about managing people rather than cases.

"It is important to hire smart people and teach them what they need to know. Hiring for specifics might meet today's needs, but you cannot react to technology changes in the future," he added.

Kevin Harding from health charity Imagine agrees. He says using cloud-based applications means "the IT role shifts from person-specific to enterprise-wide issues".

Scott Guinn, research director at analyst firm IDC, says the CIOs are right. "[Service level agreements] SLAs are a big deal. It is still going to be important to test, train and customise [cloud-based applications]."

The strategic IT department

Chris Pang, principal research analyst at Gartner, says UK IT departments are experiencing the same changes seen within US-based divisions, and the deployment of SaaS makes shifts more pronounced.

"The IT department is becoming more strategic and less tactical. A lot of helpdesk support is being [moved] offshore. As a result, IT will become more about strategic changes in what the business wants to achieve with its IT infrastructure," said Pang.

Despite the shift from tactical to strategic roles, he says there is still a need for traditional IT skills for testing functions, integration and customisations. However, new skills will also be needed in cloud languages, web services and service-orientated architecture.

Pang adds that small companies might be able to dramatically reduce or eliminate its IT department but large companies will still need dedicated servers and IT staff support.

Even in the procurement of SaaS, which can sometimes be bought under divisional budgets without IT input, Pang believes IT will need to be involved in decision-making.

Cloud computing presents CIO opportunity

However, CIOs will have to accept loss of asset control. Holger Kisker, senior analyst at Forrester, said: "Many CIOs are fighting against cloud computing in IT departments as they are losing asset control. But cloud computing is a big opportunity. It changes their role to become an owner of data and processes.

"In the future, CIOs will be a flexible source for business needs. This moves the role up in the business layers. CIOs will give up control but gain a lot."

Kisker adds that this will drive cloud computing as an important part of CIO strategy.

The introduction of cloud-based enterprise applications within businesses is changing the IT department. Whether small companies cut people costs or larger businesses change IT roles, the cloud has the potential to change IT's core function towards a greater alliance with the business and its processes.

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Design Ideas For a Small Or Ensuite Bathroom

Nowadays, many modern and new build houses are built with smaller bathrooms and ensuites. There are plenty of ways you can maximise space in a small bathroom to give the illusion it is more spacious than it actually is. Below are a few tips to help you make a small bathroom look larger, these are only guidelines, feel free to break the rules!


Try and keep the consistent; the same type of flooring throughout your bathroom will keep the eyes at ease and change in the style of flooring can be too much to take in such a small space.


Mirrors are brilliant for creating space and making a room look larger than it really is. Mirrored storage pieces will reflect light and create the illusion your bathroom or ensuite is larger, but bear in mind mirrored furniture requires a lot of cleaning and maintenance so be prepared if you do opt for this!


There are plenty of storage tips for smaller bathrooms and most furniture retailers are supplying special space-saving storage for those who need it. If you really limited for space, try storing things vertically. There are lots of vertical storage options around, including storage shelves that will reach right to the ceiling or simple hanging storage pieces designed for the backs of doors or walls. Even though vertical storage will help with your limited floor space, it’s important not to do overdo it and leave some space around the ceiling so the room doesn’t look too clunky and for ventilation purposes.


It is now a regulation to have the appropriate ventilation in your bathroom or ensuite, if the house is a new build this will have already been implemented but if not, it is something you’ll need to consider. Good ventilation stops your bathroom from feeling damp and stops that dampness after a shower seeping its way into your bedroom, it also helps to prevent the buildup of mould. The best of type of ventilation is a large window but if you don’t have a window in your ensuite there are other good options such as an extractor fan.


As you probably already know, lighting is a key feature for any room and is one of the best features to use to manipulate space. Speak to a specialist if you are unsure which type of lighting will help your bathroom or ensuite look larger, but a surefire way to create space and luxury would be use to use halogen spotlights to mimic daylight and create a luxurious “hotel ensuite” feel.

Luxury touches

Working with a small space doesn’t mean you have to miss out on luxury touches. A focal point in your bathroom, whether it’s a fancy mirror to reflect light or an elegant basin for morning washes, will create space in your room if planned and fitted correctly. Use bathroom planner software or interior design software to play around with your options and see if a focal piece of furniture will work in your bathroom or ensuite. Why not try a roll-top freestanding bath on a raised platform to add the ultimate touch of elegance?

Clair O'Hara is writing on behalf of Nexus Design Software, specialists in bathroom planner software and interior design software.
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